Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Confusion of Life

Im feeling lost in this thing called Life;
Struggling day to day trying to Live my life right

Wondering should I take flight;
Rather than stay in this to fight?

Suffocated from this thing called Pain;
Wishing for a better day but yet things still remain the same.

Hate and Envy tries to consume thee;
While the Devil tries to put in work to devour me.

Trying to feed off of my Sanity;
Dear Lord "this cant be happening"!

But I always got the Lord on my side;
Who made a promise that I'm be alright.

He sent His army full of angels to watch over me;
God knows my purpose for whom I'm suppose to be.

This war is not an easy one;
Life isn't over it has just begun........


25champ said...

Beautifully written. The lord will grant u the desires of your heart peaches

Random Thoughts said...

hopefully he will give me wut i want