Monday, January 24, 2011

Random Thoughts

My mind is cloudy and so is my judgement. I'm confused and don't know what to do but yet I'm still in love with you. I'm stressed, depressed and all cried out. Don't know where I went wrong and what's this about. I'm hurting inside and can't find my way. Guess I gotta keep praying for a better day. For someday we can walk hand & hand.Oh, how  I wonder what's God's plan. Plan for us and where would we be? Is it walkind down the isle in holy matrimony? My life is a wreck and I can't see why, but I ask you Dear Lord give us a sign. Please help my family make the right decision and give a blessing while having mercy on me. This is your child Toya crying out desperately!!


Silent's Hill said...

Yes, God hears you! I'm not sure what to say other than I feel you. I know how it feels to love something that can be poisonous to your spirit. Keep your head up peaches.

Random Thoughts said...

i am trying to day by day.